The Venture Bros. Podcast: Season 7 Ep 5: The Inamorata Consequence

The Venture Brosshow has rich continuity and character arcs that play out over many years. Then layer on pop culture and historic references with thematic significance? It’s a lot to sift through. So join pop culture and history experts Elana Levin and Steven Attewell for our Podcast examining each episode of this hit Adult Swim show.

This is Season 7 episode 5: The Inamorata Consequence.

Learn about the human brain, Fudgie the Whale, yesterday’s video games and enough father drama to win a Tony Award. Also, is this negotiation episode a political metaphor?

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One comment

  • I don’t think it was political commentary. That setup is about as old a cliché as it gets, so I think that was just Hammer and Publick having their fun with it. It also fits so well with the universe and all the characters present that I don’t think there is anything more behind it.

    The authors’ interest in ripped ladies since season 6 (and strong female characters in general) however? Now I think [i]that[/i] could be the sign of something.

    Oh, and Dean did indeed tell Hank about the clone situation in the season 5 finale. And Elana was wondering where Rose & Co were living in an earlier episode : Colonel Gentleman says in the same finale that his brownstone is on Christopher Street.