Review: Über #9

The subject of “nuclear proliferation” has been in the news recently as what went on behind the scenes of the recent talks with North Korea is discussed. The very idea that any of us can turn such destructive weapons on each other is still a frightening idea. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was the hot button issue in the second Iraq conflict, leading American troops to search for these all over that country and was the impetus for war. The passage of time, almost 80 years has passed since the devastation seen in Hiroshima, has not deterred nations form holding on to these weapons of mass destruction and still threaten to use them.

As we start to lose people from that generation who have memories of what went on when nuclear power was unleashed on the world and experienced the horrors firsthand, we risk becoming less empathetic as to how callous such weapons are to humanity. My grandparents used to talk about World War II and how it turned the men and women who occupied their country into saber-rattlers. In the ninth issue of Über, the arms race has only heightened to an alarming rate which are starting leaves both sides depleted.

We find the Russians in fear of defeat, but a glimmer of hope is found in the formula for German Panzermensch coming their way, which forces Stalin to take drastic measures. We catchup with Maria, as she becomes stronger from the trials and just a bit more insane, as the drugs has an effect on her psyche. We also catchup with Siegmund, as word of the Russians moving into Kursk catches wind, but what the Germans, don’t is that they have a regiment of Superhumans ready to battle, leaving him disabled. By issue’s end, Maria finds herself even more powerful than any of the enhanced soldiers the war has seen so far.

The issue is a sudden change of events which may prove just how dangerous this technology is for both the allies and the axis of evil. The story by Kieron Gillen is smart, well-paced, and exciting. The art by Canaan White is striking and brilliant. Altogether, proof that  Kieron Gillen is a master storyteller.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Canaan White
Story: 10 Art: 8.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy