Review: This Train Terminates Here

Most people I meet today usually look at me with awe and sometimes with equal confusion, when I told them I never needed to learn how to drive when growing up. Living in New York City, I used public transportation growing up and usually got around the city with ease by train. It wasn’t until I joined the Navy that I had to learn how to drive, which was more a luxury than a necessity even then.

The experience of riding the subway is something that most people rarely get to enjoy. We see the excitement of doing so through the eyes of tourists, who by their reaction seem to think it’s the coolest thing ever. When I got to use public transportation in other cities and in other countries like Japan and England, I got to see a little bit of what those tourists see and felt. As a writer I always wondered why more stories don’t take place on a train? In the brilliant This Train Terminates Here, readers get to experience one such tale, a hard boiled one at that.

In the first few panels, we meet two strangers. One, John, is a nervous wreck clutching for dear life, a green canvas bag. The other, a dapper casually dressed gentleman, Charles, begins a conversation with a platitude. As John begins to panic, second guessing his decision to do something catastrophic, Charles eases his worries, but at the same times instills fear delicately upon John’s mind. The reader finds out they are both working for separate factions with their own self interests.

The comic is a gripping pot boiler of a story. It finds moments of levity and injects moments of gravitas where necessary. The story is wall to wall action and shows pathos where other writers squander such moments. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, it’s a great comic that hits you like a hurricane leaving all your expectations in shambles.

You can get the comic digitally now and pay what you want!

Story: Folarin Akinmade, Christian Adofo, Carl Anka,
Art: Aaron Edzerda , Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Carl Anka
Story:9 Art:9 Overall:9 Recommendation: Buy