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Around the Tubes

It’s almost the weekend and we’ll be catching up on a back log on coverage we have while getting ready for the next week (and fitting in some fun geeky things in while we’re at it). What will you all be doing? Sound off in the comments below!

Atomic Junk Shop – Toxic Fandom: The Saga Continues – And the toxic regressive elements continue.

The Outhouse – Marsha Cooke Guarantees Darwyn Thought “Comics Gate Idiots Were A Bunch Of Crybaby Losers Ruining Comics” – And continues.

Publisher’s Weekly – Autoptic Festival Showcases Small Press Comics – This sounds like a cool show.

The Beat – Vegas Fan Fusion Cancelled – is this the beginning of a con bust? – Expect many more over the next year.



Comics Bulletin – Venom #5

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