Review: Über #8

As the world operates on the precipice with the constant threat of war, it is hard to imagine that the last time the world went to war was 1942. As the world came to grips with the “Axis of Evil”, and their plans for global domination, it is hard to almost believe that such a collection of evil minds ever existed. In today’s world, the definitions of “evil” and “ally” become faintly resonant, as the lines have slowly become blurred. This is the direct result of denial of facts. The power of undeniable truth has become less effective.

There was a time when the world saw evil as it is and did not hesitate to stop it in its tracks. The alternate consequences of a world where evil has prevailed is portrayed in The Man In The High Castle. The world would shutter at the atrocities that would have occurred if the Axis had won. In the eighth issue of Über we find an arms race with Japan in the lead. That may have the Allies outflanked.

In the first few pages, we finally get to see the view from Russia, as Stalin makes his move, as the USSR has gotten their hands on the science that the rest that the Japanese, English, and Germans have. As his generals recount the carnage left by the German airships have blazed on their way to winning the war, as the “axis of evil”, is no more, and each country is looking to strong arm themselves into arsenal superiority. We also catchup with Katusyha, the Russian sharpshooter, that all men who have crossed her path have come to fear, and who is called back to headquarters to unleash Stalin’s most daring maneuver in the war yet. By issue’s end the most dangerous weapons yet is revealed

Overall, the issue is an excellent installment of this stellar series. It gives a different view from the frontlines. The story by Kieron Gillen is brilliant, pulse pounding, and layered. The art by Canaan White is gorgeous and paints horror like no one else. Altogether, a great issue that propels the story to places readers will not see coming.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Canaan White
Story: 9.7 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy