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Review: Kahlil #11

There’s always that part in every superhero’s story where someone either finds out who they are or comes close to doing so. The number of times the Joker came close to finding out who Batman really is, are too numerous to count. There’s always the example of Superman’s identity being hidden by a pair of glasses. There’s an ambivalence of the story and lack of believability that readers today will see through almost immediately.

The most prominent example that readers and popular culture fanatics alike, usually point to, is the relationship between Superman and Lex Luthor. As the bond between these archetypes is often used to as an example to describe problematic relationships and is probably the most realistic of all the relationships within the DC comics universe. They show a real relationship where sometimes your friend can be your worst enemy and sometimes can be the exact opposite as in All-Star Superman. In the 11th issue of Kahlil, our hero finally meets someone who looks to rival him.

In the first few pages, we meet a mysterious figure, Bhai, who is well connected, and is experimenting on animals to create the perfect being. As his plans are bigger than anything anyone in Pakistan, as he gets with some shadowy characters to unleash his plan. We also catch up with Maryam, as she is trying to understand more about Kahlil, by having dinner with his family. BY issue’s end, as Kahlil and Maryam are about to have a family dinner, a monsoon hits the city.

Overall, this is the issue where we meet the classic villain, one both enigmatic and alluring. The story by Kumail Rizvi is action packed, intelligent, and at times funny. The art by Rizvi is beautiful and rich. Altogether, a landmark entry in this superbly told superhero tale.

Story: Kumail Rizvi Art: Kumail Rizvi
Story: 9.7 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy