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Achievement Haunter Gets an 8 Episode Series Run and Premiere Date and New RWBY Merch

Day two of RTX Austin has come and gone and Rooster Teeth had lots of announcements.

Following a highly successful pilot, Achievement Haunter will get an 8 episode premiere season this year. Episodes will premiere weekly starting on October 31st, exclusively on Rooster Teeth, available for iOS, Android, Xbox One, Apple TV, and at with memberships starting at $4.99 a month. Get ready to hunt more ghosts across the United States. First up, Louisiana.

Lots of new collectibles were announced for the popular RWBY:

  • Jazwares revealed a series of hot new collectibles in their popular RWBY line, all items are due out this Fall.
  • Bioworld, in partnership with Jazwares, revealed a brand new line of RWBY apparel coming soon to Hot Topic, FYE, Game Stop, and (for the first time) Forever 21.
  • Harmonix revealed that Jeff Williams’ smash-hit RWBY song “This Will Be The Day” is now available on Rock Band – for free. This will be the first of three RWBY songs to be added.
  • FYE is at it once again – this time they brought Dust Crystals candy to RTX! Available exclusively at FYE, this candy is sure to help fledgling Huntresses and Hunters get combat ready. Attendees also got the return of their Pumpkin Pete’s cereal and shirts at the FYE booth. A few RWBY panel attendees were lucky to snag an early sample!
  • Calendar Club were excited to reveal their new RWBY 2019 calendar. A few lucky attendees at the RWBY panel brought home an early release of the calendar!
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