Review: Wildskies Volume 1

The one lesson you learn in this world that not even your parents will tell you is sometimes you don’t choose your friends. We go through life hoping to meet people with like minds, but as we find out that’s not always the case. These individuals are some of the first people outside of our family to challenge us. I remember reading about how Abraham Lincoln put together a cabinet of people who opposed him on a wide range of issues, making him more effective.

For those of us who were in the military, our choices become limited instantly, but our common experience make us connected. Some of my best friends are those men and women I served with. Sometimes some of the best adventures are with the people you never thought in a million years would be your friend. We get that experience in Melissa Hudson’s magnificently illustrated and masterfully told in the first volume of Wildskies.

We first meet a young lady, Lin, hunting for food, as she carefully searches for food, hoping to take an egg from a griffin’s nest. We also meet a young Viking explorer, whom they call Pup, on his first raid with his village. He’s constantly gets teased because he is the youngest and most inexperienced on the ship. Those griffins comes close to the men on the ship, creatures they’ve never seen. We learn that these are mystical creatures that rove a magical land and the worlds of these two characters are about to collide with each in the middle of it.

Overall, an excellent comic which refreshes the fantasy genre and infuses with the type of adventures that reader did not know they longed for. The story by Hudson is entertaining, smart and gripping. The art by Hudson is alluring and vibrant. It’s a fascinating story that pulls you into it with the art and keeps you there with the magnificent character and story development.

Story: Melissa Hudson Art: Melissa Hudson
Story:10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy