Review: Strays #1

As a parent, it is easy to forget, how it is being a child. We forget the innocence we had of the world and how idealistic our ideas were until reality changed that. As parents, we also forget that our children also must forge their own way in this world, even when it seems that they are defying us. Many times, throughout fiction, this struggle between parent and child has been dramatized.

One of the more famous examples in comics, and as of recent in movies, the relationship between Odin and hi sons, Thor and Loki, throughout the Marvel universes. One of the lesser explored and short lived, in the Star Wars movies, is the one between Qui Gon Jinn and Ob Wan Kenobi. In the debut issue of Strays, we meet a young princess who lives in the shadow of her parents but soon blazes her own path.

We are taken to the kingdom of Cathay, where a young princess is being taken to the royal court, where she is to be presented to the prince of Kingdom, an idea she fights with righteous indignation. Soon her handmaid reminds her of the stakes that these nuptials mean for both kingdoms. As the ceremony commences, an ambush from the shadows threatens the royal court and the princess. The comic focuses on the princesses future and forging her own path.

Overall, an engaging debut issue that takes the reader on what they think is a typical marriage but becomes something even more despairing for both kingdoms. The story by Matthew Ng is funny, engaging and provides twists where the reader was not expecting any. The art by Matthew Ng is alluring and vivid. Altogether, a beautiful beginning to what looks to be an epic adventure.

Story: Matthew Ng Art: Matthew Ng
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy