Review: The Jag #1

Destiny is one of those things in your life that pushes you to do things that is out of your control. It’s an invisible force that pushes you in certain directions. When portrayed in fiction, it’s thrilling when done right.

The Lord Of The Rings portrays the concept in a epic odyssey during which a band of heroes traverse Middle Earth to destroy a ring which has brought nothing but trouble. The fact that Bilbo Baggins didn’t even know or want anything to do with the ring, but he knew he had to do the right thing, gets lost on people.

Another story which tackles destiny in a great way, is Teen Wolf. Not the Michael Fox or Jason Bateman star vehicles of the 1980s. Instead I am talking about the darker television version which mined more of the horror genre with a pinch of superhero tropes. In comic books, destiny is probably one of the most used devices but that doesn’t mean it can’t still feel fresh when different creators employ it. In Bob Bridges, Jr. and DeShawn Nixon’s The Jag, we meet another hero who finds out who he really is on his 25th birthday.

In Jag #1, we meet Devonte, a young man, who on his way to class, finds out as a car almost hits him, that he Is strong enough to stop a car from moving, which he barely recognizes. He also runs to an old girlfriend, Leah, who just so happens to be a tutor at the same college he goes to. Soon he realizes that there are people following him and he cannot figure out why, but it seems his mother does.  By issue’s end, a woman gets kidnapped by some mysterious men, someone close to Devonte.

Jag #1 is an interesting origin story, that leaves the reader wanting to know more about this incredible superhero. The story by Bridges is layered and intriguing. The art by Nixon is captivating. Altogether, a fascinating origin story, that will have readers wanting to see this superhero in action.

Story: Bob Bridges Jr. Art: DeShawn Nixon
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy