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Review: Ghost Stories

Everybody deals with loss differently. When most people think of loss they usually associate that with death of a loved one, which is probably one of the most significant experiences a person will ever feel in their lives. I remember when my uncle, died, I was still in the Navy, and deployed into he Arabian Gulf. One of my supervisors woke me up and wanted me to show up to or office where my division officer held the letter from the Red Cross. I knew, but did not want to know, as he had been sick for months. Euphoria set in. Between being dead asleep form a long day of work and to hear the shocking news, my eyes just filled up with tears both at the thought and realization. He was the first person me or any of my cousins were close to who died. That feeling was one of the hardest thins for anyone to get used to in life. This was a feeling that would revisit with the loss of colleagues, friends, and family, the most recent being my own mother. Life is about changes, and loss is just a part of it.

In Ghost Stories, Whit Taylor explores loss in its many shades, including death, and much more.

In “Ghost,” Taylor goes on a journey much like Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. In it, she gets to visit the three people whom she consider her idols where she spends a day with each asking the questions she always wanted to ask them. In the end she finds out more about herself and what it really mean to “follow your bliss.” In “Wallpaper,” a child narrates the changes to a house and how each change coincides with a specific memory in her mind. In “Makers,” we follow two friends from adolescence to adulthood as they grow together. Despite their differences, their relationship evolves through rocky ups and downs. By book’s end, Taylor weaves together these three different stories, which at their core, exemplify the power of loss.

Overall, an outstanding collection by Taylor which showcases her talents as a storyteller. The stories by Taylo, are funny, melancholy, and moving. The art by Taylor is gorgeous. Altogether, a graphic novel which gets readers entrenched in the experiences and gets the reader to fall in love with the characters.

Story: Whit Taylor Art: Whit Taylor
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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