TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S2E9 For Pete’s Sake

Hunkered down in a makeshift safe house, Luke and Misty butt heads over how to handle Mariah. Meanwhile, long-buried family secrets come to light.

There’s films out there whose entire premise is a group of characters hunkered down as they’re ready to be attacked by the bad guys. Much of this episode feels like that as the various players interact and discuss what may happen. It also is a good way to lead to the discovery of how to defeat Bushmaster.

Then there’s Bushmaster himself who is getting desperate for Nightshade as he wants more power. Upping the tension there it’s only a matter of time before someone flips to let Bushmaster know where everyone is hold up.

But, the episode is really about these characters stuck in a rather small space and their relationships. We get discussions like the difference between the Dillards and the Stokes. That brings back something from earlier in the season about the differences in “Black.” As a white man, I can’t say I relate, but it’s an interesting topic and discussion and not something I’ve seen a show touch upon that often. Then there’s the reveal about Mariah’s husband and the truth she’s been hiding from her daughter. It’s not something I expected and a hell of a twist. It all really shows how hardcore Mariah is and the pain she’s been feeling. She might think she’s on the straight and narrow, but she’s always been a manipulator.

This episode is the one where the truths come out and it’s full of emotion and some amazing acting. We find out the truth about Mariah and her family. We get to see the anger and hurt. Alfre Woodard in the role and this episode gets to let loose and show us “Black Mariah.” Her performance is fantastic and so tragic and just heartbreaking. Things that have been hinted about are confirmed and it’s still so tragic.

While this series may be about superheroes and powers, it’s anything but. This season is about the individuals and Woodard delivers a performance that’s award winning.

Overall Rating: 8.25