TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S2E3 Wig Out

The opening of the third episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage is an interesting one. For two episodes (and the previous season) we’ve been shown how much of a mythic being Luke has been built up to. We’ve also been told he’s changed since his time in jail, doing good work. But, what if he crosses a line himself? What if he injures a man he needs information from up to a point he might die? Is Luke really a hero?

This, along with Mariah’s thread, are interesting to think about and compare. In one we have a “criminal” who became a hero, but is doing questionable things for good. In the other we have a criminal who is trying to go legit and doing criminal things to do so and won’t take the easy clean way out. Both are interesting perspectives looking at the struggles of the two to change their lives.

Luke’s aspect also comes to a head with a rather explosive argument between himself and Clare. We get their similar but divergent perspectives and it’s clear that Clare fears that Luke is enjoying the headstomping a bit too much. His actions too are interesting when you think about the beginning of the episode and the what he did and why. We see an abusive side of things as Luke shows a side we haven’t really seen before. There’s a rage underneath and here it is. We also see depth for Clare we haven’t seen before. It’s an emotional moment for the characters but the viewers too. There’s a heartache and heartbreak to it all as a pillar of good is shown as, not so good and one of the strongest characters we’ve seen is shown so vulnerable.

The highlight of the episode is Misty who trains with Colleen Wig and the two get drunk and beat on some bad guys. Misty is attempting to cope with having one arm and is seeing Colleen to train. Seeing the two of them only makes me want a team up show even more as there’s just something fun about it all. It’s also interesting as the latter of the episode is rather weighty.

Then there’s that ending where things pick up.

This is an emotional rollercoaster of an episode where we get ups and downs leading to a rather explosive last bit. Things feel like they started slow and now all of that set up is finally paying off.

Overall Rating: 8.25

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