Review: Forward

Love is one those forces in this world that has such an immovable power to it. It overcomes anything in front of it. It’s what drives people to take care of their families enduring the monotony of work life. The famous story of Helen Of Troy drove two men to go to war with each other. It’s also one of those forces which shows up in some of the most unexpected times.

One of my dear friends lost his wife to cancer a few years ago, a woman he had known for over 30 years, and as he said many times, the love of his life. This left him empty for many years. Since then he dates but nothing serious. Moving on in life after someone you loved that much is never meant to be easy. In Lisa Maas’ endearing tale of loss and love, Forward, we find two women on separate trails in life who meet and find out that love has left the door open.

We meet Rayanne, a young woman damaged by her last breakup, which was four years ago, as she avoids any semblance of a personal life, burying herself in her work. This doesn’t stop her from daydreaming about women she finds attractive, as her inability to be forward, paralyzes her social interaction and isolates it just her friends and co-workers. We also meet Ali, a woman who had lot her wife a year ago, as she finds it still hard to keep going after this massive loss, as she stays on her mind all the time. She takes long walks with old friends just her mind engaged but heartbreak usually occupies her mind. One day Ali decides to ask a girl she find attractive out.  It goes well for the most part, until she realizes the age gap, one that keeps her from pursing that relationship any further. A chance encounter between Rayanne and Ali at their favorite coffee shop, is when serendipity sets in between these two. Eventually they go on several dates, which were awkward at first, but eventually becomes lovelier for the two, as they slowly fall in love. By Book’s end, though they had some false starts and some pauses, their connection is indisputable, and they are where they are supposed to be, with each other.

Overall, a captivating portrait of the difficulties of dating after you have your heart broken.  The story by Maas is funny, true to life and touching. The art by Maas is compelling. Altogether, a story that shows the reader that love is possible no matter how impossible the situation feels.

Story: Lisa Maas Art: Lisa Maas
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy