Review: Über #6

The horrors of war, for anyone who has witnessed it, has seen the carnage humans will do to one another.  The mere fact that although we have gone through years of advancement in diplomacy, to the point where we have learned each other’s languages and customs.  At our most base instincts, when it comes to fight or flee, human nature takes over, and most people are surprised at what they can do, when it comes to life or death. Before my grandparents passed away, I remember them telling us of the treatment they underwent during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II.

I can still see my grandmother’s face, as her eyes welled up, remembering those times as it was a bad nightmare, and not quite feeling safe, even though to that point, it had been 40 years. Realizing then as a child, that something as traumatic, never really goes away, it becomes a scar on your psyche. I knew she would carry it with her until she left this earth, of her treatment and those she loved.  In the sixth issue of Über and the beginning of a new story arc, we find the tory moving towards the Pacific, where find the Japanese have their own enhanced soldiers.

The reader is immediately transported to the Pacific, a few miles away from Okinawa, giving a bit of a history lesson, as we find out just how decisive suicide bombers were to the war effort. We are also introduced to two Marines, Razor and Chuck, who are attempting to understand why so many Japanese are willing to kill themselves than expect help from any American. We also see that the Japanese has been using the same technology as the Germans and the English, except they act as suicide bombers destroying navy ships and submarines without thinking twice.  By issue’s end, we are introduced to the squadron of “Miyokos”, a team of enhanced soldiers, who is even more formidable than the German “battleships” were.

By issue’s end, the story though moved to the Pacific, just became even more thrilling. The story by Kieron Gillen is layered, dramatic and intelligent. The art by Canaan White is both horrifying and exciting. Altogether, this issue expands the canon and pushes the pedal to the floor on the action.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Canaan White
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy