The French Comics Association Tour to New Orleans and #ALAAC18

The French Comics Association (FCA) has  announced their spring tour of acclaimed francophone graphic novelists, is coming to New Orleans, LA for the 2018 American Library Association annual conference (ALAAC18), “the premier global library event.”

The French Comics Association will exhibit and sell books, in partnership with Crescent City Comics, with 6 artists signings daily at booth #451 from June 22-25, 2018.

Come and meet the creators at #ALAAC18, , along with their French and North American publishers. Ten panel discussions will feature Francophone graphic novelists and French publishing staff, in conversation with critically acclaimed cartoonists, such as Thi Bui, Mariko Tamaki, Ellen Forney, Jason Latour, Tee Franklin, Peter Tomasi, MK CzerwiecThomas Campi, and Vera Brosgol, and industry experts including librarians Betsy Bird, Candice Mack, Andrew Woodrow-Butcher, and Matthew Noe, and comics publishing specialists from France and America, such as Pauline Mermet, Charlotte Moundlic, Olivier Jalabert, Mark Siegel, Meg Lemke, and Julia Pohl-Miranda. 

Plus: ALA’s “Now Showing” Screening stage to feature animated films and shorts based on French comics, including The Big Bad FoxTib & TumTumand The Fox Badger Family.

The FCA is also an official 2018 sponsor of the ALA Eisner Reception (June 23).

The audience for comics is growing not just in numbers but in diversity, which the FCA will applaud as they host this year’s ALA meet-up of the “Valkeryies’ Valhalla”—a private group of women librarians who love comics! (Eligible librarians are encouraged to join and find event details at the Valkeryies’ Facebook page).

What about NOLA comics fans who aren’t attending ALA? The FCA is delighted to bring the artists into the city for FREE public events in “The Big Easy.” See full schedule below.

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Book signings at all events & to follow panels—full signing schedule available on request.
Friday / June 22nd
Public Events:

French Storytime with Eve Tharlet (Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox series!)

10:30am – 12pm
Perfect for French speaking children—and those learning the language!
The French Library, 3811 Magazine St., New Orleans

French Comics Kiss Better: Artist Meet & Greet

2- 4pm
Featuring: Barroux (Alpha), Cati Baur (Four Sisters), Aurélie Neyret (Cici’s Journal), Benjamin Reiss (Super Tokyoland), Eve Tharlet (The Wild Cat: Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox)
The Stacks Bookstore, at the Contemporary Arts Center / 900 Camp Street, New Orleans 70130

Bande Dessinée Soiree—It’s A Comics Party!

Come for comics, drinks, and conversation!
Featuring: Barroux (Alpha), Cati Baur (Four Sisters), Aurélie Neyret (Cici’s Journal), Benjamin Reiss (Super Tokyoland), Julie Rocheleau (About Betty’s Boob), Eve Tharlet (The Wild Cat: Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox)
Crescent City Comics, 3135 Calhoun St., New Orleans 70125

American Library Association Conference at the Morial Convention Center

ALA Exhibit hours 5:30 – 7:30pm

Pre-conference Educational Sessions

Graphic Novel Friday Forum: Not Just Sex and Violence – Adult Graphic Novel Collections.
11am – 3pm; Morial Convention Center, RM 353 – 355
FCA speakers: Julia Rocheleau and Pauline Mermet

Don’t Hide Your Adult Comics

12:20 – 1:20pm
Panelists: Julia Pohl-Miranda (Marketing Director at Drawn & Quarterly); Chloe Ramos Peterson (Library Market Sales Representative at Image Comics); Julie Rocheleau (artist for About Betty’s Boob from BOOM! Studios and the French Comics Association); Allison Bailund (MLIS student at the University of Washington iSchool and co-author of the Comics Cataloging Survey) Moderator: Lindsay Gibb (Coordinator for E-Reserves & Learning Zone at Dorothy H. Hoover Library, OCAD University, Co-Programmer for Librarian & Educator Day at Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and author of National Treasure: Nicolas Cage)

What Makes a Book “Adult?”

Panelists: Mariko Tamaki (writer for SkimThis One Summer, and the forthcoming DC Ink title Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass); Jason Latour (writer for Black Cloud and artist and co-creator for Southern Bastards from Image Comics); Pauline Mermet (Dargaud/French Comics Association); Tee Franklin (writer for Bingo Love and Jook Joint from Image Comics) Moderator: Christopher Butcher (Consulting Editor-At-Large at Viz Media and co-founder of Toronto Comics Arts Festival)

Saturday / June 23rd
American Library Association Exhibit Hours: 9am – 5pm
At #ALAAC18: Do it the French way. Stop by Booth #451 for morning croissants and captivating comics. 

Panels at the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage:

Literary Comics to Build Your Collection

10:30 – 11:20 am
Join some of the comics medium’s most renowned publishers as they share new and perennial titles for your collections. We will discuss comics for adults and kids, as well as fiction and nonfiction. Emily Drew, Youth Materials selector for the New York public library and Brooklyn Public Library, will moderate a conversation between staff of publishing houses Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, First Second, as well as the French Comics Association (Pauline Mermet) and Ingram.

French Comics Kiss Better: Bande Dessinée 101

11:30am – 12:20pm
Availability of translated European graphic novels/nonfiction has increased significantly in recent years, with genre diversity and literary, high-quality production to offer an excellent base for collection building. Come discover the beauty of bande dessinée (French comics), and learn about the rich Franco-Belgian artistic tradition, proven to translate into American reader favorites at any age, from Tintin to Persepolis to Valerian. Meet rising star creators with new releases, including Cati Bauer (Four Sisters), Aurélie Neyret (Cici’s Journal), Barroux (Alpha), and Eve Tharlet (Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox).Moderated by Meg Lemke, French Comics Association.

Story of Life: Graphic Biographies and Autobiographies

12:30 – 1:20 pm
Graphic treatments of historical figures have been a booming area of publishing, from bestselling memoirs like Jon Lewis’ March to epic treatments like Chester Brown’s Louis Riel and comic treatments like Kate Beaton’s Hark, A Vagrant. While these heroic stories are becoming ever more popular in schools and libraries, memoirs of everyday lives continue to flourish in the autobio comics scene, each book as unique as its creator. Artists in both genre are faced with the challenge: how to draw a life? What details do you highlight–and what is left out? This panel brings together a discussion between artists behind new biographies of significant figures in art and architecture, including Thomas Campi, artist of Magritte and The Joe Schuster Story; Peter Tomasi of The Bridge, on the Roeblings (creators of the Brooklyn Bridge), with artist-memoirists Ellen Forney (Rock Steady) and Benjamin Reiss (Super Tokyoland). Moderated by librarian Candice Mack.


European Comics: A Strange Animal!

9 – 10am
Morial Convention Center, Room 297
America is considered the cradle of comics but just look at how comics have evolved and diversified in Europe, to the point of becoming almost unrecognizable, much like Darwin’s finches! Publishers, agents and creators with experience on both sides of the Atlantic will enlighten us on how to read European comics and what differentiates them from their American cousins. Characteristics such as format, art & narrative techniques, social status, readership, stereotypes, censorship and adult content will be discussed with Mark Siegel (First Second Books), Thomas Campi (Magritte, Joe Schuster Story), Berenika Kolomycka (Tiny Fox & Big Boar), Sophie Castille (Mediatoon Licensing/EuropeComics) and Charlotte Moundlic (Rue de Sèvres / French Comics Association). Moderated by Andrew Woodrow-Butcher (The Beguiling/TCAF). Panel organized by Europe Comics.

Graphic Medicine: Narratives of Illness, Healing, and Care

2:30pm – 3:30pm 
Morial Convention Center, Room 298
The medical humanities movement has given rise to doctors, nurses, and other health professionals turning to narrative to better understand the experience of their patients. In turn, caregivers have told their stories and opened up the sometimes insular world inside hospitals for general readers. As graphic novels and nonfiction have broadened and deepened in subject matter, the “Graphic Medicine” movement celebrates the rich works of sequential art that explore the myriad connections between patients, caregivers, stories of healing and stories of loss. This panel brings together Matthew Noe of Harvard Medical library (moderator) with Penn State University Press’ Graphic Medicine series editor MK Czerwiec, also author and illustrator of Taking Turns: Stories from HIV Care Unit 371, joined by acclaimed cartoonist Ellen Forney, with Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life, and French creator Julie Rocheleau, with About Betty’s Boob (Boom Studios) a narrative of mastectomy (with gorgeous silent film references.

Film Screening:

The Big Bad Fox – feature animated film

based on the YA graphic novel by Benjamin Renner (First Second)
2:30 pm – Section C of the New Orleans Theater of the Morial Convention Center
Q&A to follow with Mark Siegel, publisher of First Second books 
Sunday / June 24th
American Library Association Exhibit hours 9am – 5pm
At #ALAAC18: Do it the French way. Stop by Booth #451 for morning croissants and captivating comics.

YALSA “Coffee Klatch”

9 – 10am – St. Charles Ballroom, The Hilton Riverside
Featuring Aurélie Neyret!

Panels at the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage:

Strong Female Protagonists: From Girl Power to Grown Women!

12:30 – 1:20pm
What do we want? Strong, diverse female protagonists in comics! When do we want it? Now—and now’s the time to meet these diverse creators of graphic novels, with books represented for readers young and old and young at heart. Including stories of adventure, romance, life transitions and challenges, and positive educational role models. Comics can take on all topics and from Smileto Ms. Marvel we see how women at the center of stories draws in readers. With Tee Franklin, Julie Rocheleau, Aurélie Neyret, and mother-daughter team Lucy & Liz Lareu! Moderated by librarian Robin Brenner, of No Flying, No Tights.

Children’s Comics Crossing Continents

2:30 – 3:20pm
As more and more educators and parents are coming to see the superpowers of children’s graphic novels, there is an increasing need for stories from across the world, to help children discover other cultures and universes. An international lineup of children’s comics creators from three continents will discuss their latest books and the impact of their cultures and others on their overall work. With Eve Tharlet (Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox; France), Christian Cornia (Brina; Italy) and Lorena Alvarez (Nightlights; Colombia), Vera Brosgol (Leave Me Alone!; USA). Moderated by rockstar librarian and author Betsy Bird (Funny Girl)


Seekers: Graphic Novels and The Refugee Crisis

2:30 – 3:30pm – Morial Convention Center, Room 227
Join Thi Bui (The Best We Could Do), and Barroux, the illustrator and co-creator of Alpha: Abidjan to Paris with author Bessora, as they discuss their critically acclaimed graphic novels. What are the human stories behind the headlines of the refugee crisis? Focusing on issues of immigration and displacement, both works are timely masterpieces that explore the importance of identity and the meaning of home, and showcase how essential the graphic novel medium is in opening up the narrative truths of individuals caught in the current political climate. Moderated by librarian Karen Ginman, NYPL.

Public Event in New Orleans:

Cati Baur (Four Sisters) Art Workshop and Book Signing

RSVP for workshop (for ages 6-10, 2-3pm) at
The French Library, 3811 Magazine St., New Orleans

Monday / June 25th
Exhibit hours 9am – 2pm

Film Screenings:

Tib and TumTum—based on the picture book series by Grimaldi & Bannister from Lerner!

11:30 am – Section C of the New Orleans Theater of the Morial Convention Center
Q&A to follow with Olivier Jalabert, Glénat Publishers

The Fox Badger Familybased on the Mr. Badger & Mrs. Fox series by Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet from Lerner!

12pm – Section C of the New Orleans Theater of the Morial Convention Center
Q&A to follow with Eve Tharlet

General Marvel