Review: Cognition #2

When it comes to mythical creatures, there is none creepier than those modeled after common animals. I remember the first time I watched Clash Of The Titans, and saw Cerberus at guard, those Ray Harryhausen special effects, still holds up though not believable, makes the viewer believe for a slight second, something magical may actually exist. As this creature prevent Harry Hamlin’s character from entering Hades, the way it looked as regular dog, but with three heads, is seared into my memories from when I was four years old.

Since that time, I noticed fiction’s consistent myth making of these characters, are much in practice and always ahs been. The most prominent after that movie, is Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles. Then there is the ones that Robert Johnson sang about in his songs, where he describes them as “Hellhounds On My Trail”. In the second issue of Cognition, Cal and Sigma are hot on the trial of one such creature.

Our heroes arrive in Suffolk, England where rumblings of a demonic creature haunt the countryside and where a few fatalities have been at the hands of the apparition. As they arrive, our dynamic starts feeling as if there is something even more insidious concealed, one Cal and Sigma, are itching to find out. They soon get their chance as a battle royale between the duo and Black Shuck, the demon they have been looking for, becomes their most daunting adversary. By Issue’s end, they get another recruit into B.O.S.S. In a bonus story, “Whisper into The Void”, a clairvoyant becomes proficient in her powers through dark magic.

Overall, an action-packed issue starring Cal and Sigma, one that shows our heroes in one of their toughest challenges. The story by Ken Reynolds is fascinating and shows that Reynolds writes dark humor as better than most. The art by Sam Bentley is astonishing and luminous. Altogether, this issue proves that this book can be just as light, though the subject matter may be dark.

Story: Ken Reynolds Art: Sam Bentley
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

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