Review: Buck Danny Volume 6 Mystery in Antarctica

When I was in the military, one of the most interesting experiences I had a chance to do was work alongside foreign military. This happened on a few occasions where we had to pull into the that country’s military base or some other occasion. I remember when we pulled into Toulon, France, our counterparts there treated us better than if we pulled into an American base. I remember going onto their version of an aircraft carrier, a ship called Charles De Gaulle, where me and my Chief were both surprised at their hospitality, as they gave us wine to drink while eating chow on board their vessel.

It probably was one of the most unique experiences I had while on official duty, as it gave me a different world view on how these countries we visit, were not merely ports of call, but new cultures to discover. This also made me realize that we had more in common than we realized. I remembered talking to a French sailor where we bonded over our love for the music of Chubb Rock. At the end of the day if you traveled outside of your confines to another country you should be transformed. In the sixth installment of Buck Danny we find Buck and his squadron having to work with French Navy pilots to uncover the truth of some mysterious aircraft in Antarctica.

We find Buck and his crew getting some downtime onboard the USS Truman, unfortunately the ship has been redirected to Antarctica, where they have been tasked to identify some “unidentified aircraft”, alongside the French Navy. While on mission, they discover a dead man on board one of the icebergs, which leads them closer to who is in Antarctica, through the dead man’s journal, discovers what happened but not why. Buck’s aircraft gets shot down, and is stranded on an icecap, where he discovers a treasure trove of WWII gold. By book’s end, the marauders have been apprehended and the world is that much safer.

Overall, a story set in an unlikely place, which heats up around the mystery and the unlikely allies Buck and the squad finds. The story by Francis Bergese is funny and action packed. The art by Bergese as with the rest of series, just stellar. Altogether, a great story in a cold place. Most readers will pass but will be a fool. This skillful storytelling at its best.

Story: Francis Bergese Art: Francis Bergese
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy