Review: Delegates #4

Before I joined the military, one of the many news stories that stuck in my head which revolved around military occupation was the massacre in Rwanda. That two tribes who had shared a national identity would, without apprehension, employ genocide to wipe out a people and a history. These, as an elderly woman once reminded me, “are how civilizations vanish.” The miracle of modern technology makes it that we don’t forget these horrible events and the victims who fell because of it.

The thing about places like Rwanda that most people don’t think about is the aftermath. Usually, when such life altering events occur, those who pick up the pieces afterwards sometimes don’t have the best of intentions. Usually crime becomes a problem, then poverty, which both breathe from desperation. In the fourth issue of Delegates our protagonists find new allies while also finding new trouble.

Our protagonists are on the run and find some refuge at a local radios station where we meet Daoud, a scientist, and Weseka, a local farmer. Meanwhile, Inez tries to find out exactly what is going on back at the capital keeping Aminah in the loop. As they leave the station, they are under fire, which one of their new “friends” orchestrated, as the one most underestimated betrayed the president and the rest of the team to some local bandits. By issue’s end, Aminah decides to reveal exactly who she is, making the game even more fierce for her and her compatriots.

Overall, an action-packed issue that changes the stakes for the protagonists while introducing new allies and enemies. The story by Bin Lee is entertaining and fast paced. The art by Felipe Cunha is as always, alluring. Altogether, this is where the story gets really good.

Story: Bin Lee Art: Felipe Cunha
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy