Review: Rebound #1

The allure of literary magazines is the simple escape that words can provide. They transport you to a world that your imagination takes you. This is what made Edgar Rice Burroughs books so infectious to read. Anyone who picks them up instantly gets pulled into how sweet the prose drips off the page. What brought this to mind, is that I recently found in The Mucker (The Man Without Soul), a ruffian that carries some characteristics from his more celebrated characters but has a grit all his own. I feel as though if Burroughs was alive today, he would have certainly explored the anthology format, magazine, or book, as his interests were not constricted to one genre.

From the geniuses at ComicHaus, we a get new anthology series Rebound which plays in more than one sandbox and readers are that much more fortunate for it.

In the first story, “Owl Tribe Music Chapter 1,” two friends from indigenous tribes embark on a murder mystery as young musician is taken under mysterious circumstances. In “The Bored and The Eternal,” a languishing superhero, reminisces about his better days, but chooses to continue journey by becoming a celestial being. In “The Tales of Jeff & George,” we follow two friends as thy are on a rollicking quest to find the “perfect scene.” In “Apes N Capes Chapter 1,” we are introduced to world where animals fill the human roles, and we a beleaguered superhero, who is dourer than Batman. In “Creator Process: Vince Rodriguez,” the talented artists give upcoming artists a lesson on how to draw hair. In “The Deep,” an undercover agent almost loses her herself and her life, as the lines get blurred. In “Dawn of The Dad Part 1,” a Ouija board brings “up” an unexpected surprise for one college student. In “Modern Testament: The Old Man and The Sea Serpent,” a grandfather still reaches out to his grandchildren from the stories he told. In “Shadows of Vicenti Chapter 1”, a family dinner, has a man wrought with guilt, as he knows his family’s misfortune was all his undoing.

But, the anthology doesn’t just feature comics, it also has interviews.  “Creator Focus: Richard Starkings”, allows us to get in depth with creator of Elephantmen.

The stories by the creators are all different but all very well told. The art too varies from story to story but complement each well. Overall, an excellent new series which will captivate the reader on every page.

Story: Kieran Squires, Bradley Golden, Thomas Hugo, Frank Martin, Grainne Mcentee, Edward R. Norden, Jason Snyder, Lukasz Wnuczek, Anita Zaramella
Art: Thomas Hugo, Reinaldo Lay, Edward R. Norden, Luca Salzano, Matt Rooke, Glenn B. Wang, Lukasz Wnuczek, Anita Zaramella, Michael Stock, Christian Docolomansky, Vince Wooten
Story: 9.2 Art: 9.4 Overall:9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review