Review: Cognition #0

Who doesn’t love watching odd couples? They make any situation somewhat bearable or even enjoyable. The Guardian of the Galaxy movies thrives on the relationship of Rocket and Groot providing the emotional punch it needed in the first movie. The ones I enjoy are the ones who are constantly at odds with each other, even labeling each other as enemies. The classic one, that comes to mind is, Mad Magazine’s Spy Vs Spy.

One odd couple that comes to mind, but not in the traditional sense, is Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. The latest series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as John highlights this indifference, giving levity in certain spots, while dredging in some heavy subject matter. As many incarnations there are of the world-famous duo, rarely, has it ever dipped its toes in the steampunk genre, and when it does, rarely matches its counterparts. In Ken Reynolds and Sam Bentley’s introductory issue of Cognition, we find an intellectually superior duo, just not the pair anyone would expect.

In the first story “They Never See It Coming” we find a tarot card reader, about to tell the fortunes one young couple, until she is exposed as a fraud, by an agent of BOSS (British Occult Secret Service). This is where we meet our supernatural agents, an automation powered by a human spirit named Cal and a demon possessed mouse named Sigma. In the second story, “The Devil’s Fishing Hole,” our heroes investigate the disappearance of local town folks, due to Devil taking extra souls. In the last story, “Frame Breakers,” Abaddon unearths more soldiers to his regime, through a mass sacrifice.

Overall, each story is as creepy with a tinge of X-Files mashed up with Penny Dreadful. The story by Reynolds is eerie, suspense driven, and compelling. The art by Bentley is breathtaking and vibrant. Altogether, a grand series that pulls readers in with every page with its quick wit and well-developed characters.

Story: Ken Reynolds Art: Sam Bentley
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy