Review: Delegates #3

As the world moves towards technology the question has always been, can technology completely replace us? The mere fact that we now have smartphones who can think much like we do, anticipate our every move, the question has become is this too much? How can humans be an active part of society, when increasingly, technology is already doing certain jobs such as manufacturing and humans must become more diverse in their skill sets. Jobs people study for or apprentice for are slowly but steadily going away.

Th one job that had been a big subject on the news during the presidential election is the coal mining. Technology has proven this industry to be anachronistic,as the people and the towns who relied on them have suffered major setbacks. They are the last of a dying breed. It is only a matter of time the arena of politics will be greatly affected by technology, and it already is through polling data or as the news recently highlighted the illegal monitoring of social media. In many ways it already is. In the third issue of Delegates the question of robots replacing politicians is explored.

We catch up with Marla and Saito as they try to find a way forward as Aminah is a complete hoax and their worlds are not the same. We also catch up with Victoria as she puts in place a replacement President for India and finds out soon that Saito has gone missing while her bosses reinforce the need for control of Fulawodaabe. We find out that Marla and Saito have been taken hostage as some insurgents have held them for ransom in hopes of nabbing Amina. By the end of the issue, a fatality to Amina’s security team, has left them solemn but hopeful that putting Amina back as president is the best course for the country.

Overall, an issue that drives home the reason the Delegates were put in place. The story by Tina Cesa Ward is action packed and suspense driven. The art by Felipe Cunha is beautiful and engaging. Altogether, one of the better installments from the series thus far.

Story: Tina Cesa Ward Art: Felipe Cunha
Story: 8.9 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy