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Review: Roots

Anyone who has ever been in love can tell you about their first heartbreak. That one person you gave you this precious thing, this invaluable piece of yourself, those insufferable butterflies that flutter around you heart. That person who you were able to tell the difference between infatuation and love. It is always roses when things are going great. When you are both in sync and you definitely feel something for each other. When things go sour, there is a myriad of things that could happen. The most amicable being the two of you falling out of love with each other.

Then there are the things which lead to breaking up, like cheating or negligence. The latter being the crueler of the two causes. Life tends to throw hardballs and getting your heart broken is part of that. Thing is, what you do after your heart is broken is what counts the most. This is the adventure that Tara O’Connor endeavors on, as a recent breakup leads her to searching for her Roots in Ireland.

We meet Tara in the opening pages, a young woman whose boyfriend just broke up with her. Denial sets in, and the numbing pain of heartbreak sets in, rendering her motionless physically and mentally. She eventually goes to her childhood home to find solace where an idea for a book comes to her. To create a travelogue of her looking for her family’s roots in Ireland. As she sets on her journey to Ireland she meets up with another cartoonist who happens to live in Ireland named John. She delves deeper into her travels discovering not only who her family is but who she is. Her feelings for John grows simultaneously leaving her gob smacked with on how to deal with both of these things happening at the same time. As her time in Ireland comes to and end she struggles to keep her feeling at bay as both her and John had fallen for each other. By book’s end Tara finds home in the most unexpected place.

Overall, an endearing love story that will make you believe in love once again. The story by O’Connor is funny, relatable, smart, and heartfelt. The art by O’Connor is gorgeous and vivid. Altogether, a story that will make you hold the ones you love closer and never let go.

Story: Tara O’Connor Art: Tara O’Connor
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.0 Overall:9.8 Recommendation: Buy

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