Review: Djinn Volume 3 The Tattoo

Legacy is one of those words that carries a lot of weight for many of us, with known or unknown ancestors. Many times, our families’ legacies is so much of us, that we not only carry it in name but also in standings. As anyone who has searched their family history, has found their background is as diverse as America is, and not what some may hope it to be. This world is not monochromatic nor is any family that exists today.

What it is to find out about your family and the very strange history that may be surprising or horrifying. This exact juxtaposition was seen recently in the PBS show, Finding Your Roots, where, the actor Fred Armisen found out recently that he was part Korean. I always wondered what it is to have found that an ancestor, who may be an important historical figure? In the third installment of Djinn, Kim is still on the quest for the long-lost treasure of the Black Sultan.

We catch up with Kim, as she throws herself at the mercy of the Djinn, to free the man she loves. We also catch up with Malek, who has bene jailed and tortured, and who uses his cunning to escape the prison. We are lastly taken back in time, to Jade, who is taken by Lord Nelson whom she seduces and manipulates to do her bidding. By book’s end, Jade and Malek have escaped, but with the Djinn’s blessing.

Overall, an adventure that doesn’t disappoint the reader. Not for one minute. The story by Jean Dufaux is thrilling and action packed. The art by Ana Miralles is vibrant ad striking. Altogether, a gorgeous and engrossing installment.

Story: Jean Dufaux Art: Ana Miralles
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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