Happy 1st Anniversary to Transformers: Forged to Fight

Kabam has released an all-new trailer for its popular mobile free-to-play fighting game Transformers: Forged to Fight showcasing how much the game has grown since its initial launch one year ago.

In that first year….

  • Transformers: Forged to Fight has been played by over 20 million users around the world!
  • Over 230 million Crystals have been opened since the game launch
  • 39 Bots released
  • Over 31 million hours played!
  • Over 88,000 Alliances have been created!
  • Over 710 million Fights have been completed!
  • Most-Used Bots by Rating (1- 4 Star):
    • 1 star: Optimus Prime
    • 2 star: Optimus Prime (CIN)
    • 3 star: Ironhide
    • 4 star: Ironhide
  • Total # of Fights Completed since soft launch on Dec.5, 2016 by these specific characters:
    • Over 162 million Fights completed by Optimus Prime
    • Over 44 million Fights completed by Bumblebee (CIN)
    • Over 8 million Fights completed by Megatron (CIN)
    • Over 2 million Fights completed by Starscream

If you’d like to check out Transformers: Forged to Fight for yourself, you can download the game via the App Store and Google Play

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