Review: Über #3

As long as technological advancements have made the world a better place, it always starts somewhere. Many of these advancements have been tested on animals.  This is usually due to the fact, that they believe that to her mammals, such as certain animals, are a good test subjects. This was not always the way innovators tested their devices.

Many of these experiments were made on humans, often on slaves. This is what made the recent protests of the statues of J. Marion Sims, a man who conducted gynecological experiments on slave women without anesthesia, still so disturbing.  Because at its core, these types of liberties in the name of advancement, is also barbarianism, in its purest form. In the third issue of Über, the Allies looks to even the odds despite the inhumane means that bringing the balance would mean.

We catch up with Stephanie, shortly after arriving in England, where she must brief Churchill, as well as turn over the technology she escaped with. We also catch up with Sankt, a s he briefs Hitler on how Stephanie escaped the country with the very technology she cultivated in SS labs.  Eventually, Stephanie must recruit a solider to part of the English superhuman tank. By issue’s end, Hitler has another card up his sleeve, something neither the Allies or his subordinates can see coming.

Overall, an excellent issue that shows just how complicated war is and how everyone may have more than one purpose for doing the right thing. The story by Kieron Gillen is powerful. The art by Canaan White is elegant. Altogether, an issue that bridges a few gaps and will surprise fans in the most unexpected way.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Canaan White
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy