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Review: Delegates #2

There is something thought-provoking about people who lie on a consistent basis. It is certainly more than what is on the surface, as there usually layers beneath that. As most people with a moral compass tend to catch up with the dishonesty and not the reason behind the deceit. This is where most people usually falter, and hope change can be achieved.

As honorable as this line of thinking, looks to be, most people who are habitual liars, will continue to lie to get their way. This brings me to the point, of how often habitual liars, are lifelong bureaucrats. This has its roots in politics and becomes even more complicated as geopolitics become embroiled as it becomes very dangerous. In the second issue of Delegates our hero continued to grapple with the truth with insurgents getting closer.

Fulawodaabe still in shock over the president’s well-hidden secret asks for answers, one that she may not be ready for. She soon finds out her employers are behind most of the clandestine oligarchies that rule most of these Third World countries. We also meet Victoria, director of Pnyx and of the Delegates program, which runs each of these countries as she tries her best to keep the program surreptitious. By issue’s end, Saito defies company orders and a change in basic assumptions awaits our heroes.

Overall, an excellent second issue that just ups the ante and gives readers a deeper understanding of why the Delegates program exists. The story by Bin Lee is intelligent and fast paced. The art by Felipe Cunha is beautiful. Altogether, an issue that gets close to the action without sacrificing the story.

Story: Bin Lee Art: Felipe Cunha
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy