Review: Über #2

The last days of World War II is one of those periods of history that is wrought with mystery This where those hidden cracks lie, where war criminals fade into the darkness ad where certain truths becomes known.  This is where the truth of the Holocaust, was brought to the forefront for the whole world to see. This is also where the truth of how America treated their own citizens, Japanese-Americans, like prisoners of war, something that most would like not to be brought up ever again.

These hidden gems of history is why so many people are still obsessed with this time of history as the stories that are still being uncovered continue to prove to the world how evil Hitler was. The sheer numbers of people he looked to expunge from the world doesn’t compare to the world he was trying to shape. Therefore, the clandestine operations by the Allies during that war cannot ever be repaid. In the second issue of Über, we catch up with   Freya, as she pushes forward to the Allied lines, as the German SS looks to make up ground in catching her.

We catch up with Guderian and Sankt, are fearing their capture as war criminals, as they hatch a last-ditch effort using the “Battleships”, as their final hope. We also catch up with Freya, as she travels the neutral zone, as she sees the reality of war, leaving lives in peril, with Gelt chasing her. We also catch up with Sieglinde and Siegmund, as they struggle with their own crisis of consciousness, as Siegfried’s actions looks to doom them all three Battleships existence in jeopardy. By issue’s end, the Germans has lost one of their Panzermensch and tide looks to change in the Allies favor.

Overall, an exceptional issue, which pushes on the gas as the story pushes past reader’s expectations, exceeding the book’s harshest critics. The story by Kieron Gillen is riveting and action packed. The art by Canaan White is beautiful and vivid. Altogether, another great installment of this page turning comic book.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Canaan White
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.1 Overall:9.4 Recommendation: Buy