Mythos Studios Buys Into Aspen with an Eye on Movies

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and Aspen Comics? Scooter Braun has managed some of the biggest names in music and now he has set his sights on comics and movies. Partnering with David Maisel (who helped found Marvel Studios) the two have formed Mythos Studios. Their goal is to make their own hit comic book movie franchises, both live action and animated.

Mythos is looking to mine Aspen Comics‘ world of characters to build its franchises. The company has a 50 percent stake in the comic publisher which was founded by Michael Turner who passed away in 2008.

This isn’t the first time Braun has been involved in movies, he was an executive producer on The Giver and Burden, as well as documentaries about his musical talent. Maisel helped launched Marvel Studios getting the company to self-finance their own films which now dominate theaters worldwide and was an executive producer for the first five films. After he left, he continued his success developing such films as The Angry Birds which earned $350 million worldwide. Braun will fund Mythos’s development costs for multiple years through his holding company, Ithaca. Braun also brings with him his connection to talent while Maisel brings the movie know-how.

Currently there’s several projects being adapted including Soulfire and Fathom. The latter had a rumored film that never happened starring Megan Fox. Mythos is also looking towards original material as well as projects in the public domain.