Review: The Accelerators #3

As everyone who has enjoyed movies, one cannot underestimate the underrated if not hypnotic genius of Jeff Goldblum. Everything he acts in has made fans of him within minutes of seeing him on screen. The first time I saw him, was in The Fly, a movie that I thought was going to be scary, which certain parts are, but also is utterly captivating. Then his undervalued performance in Jurassic Park, brought moments of levity to an otherwise tense film.

One of my favorite movies starring him, was the hard boiled, Deep Cover where he played against type as a crooked lawyer who Lawrence Fishburne takes down. His most recent performance which bears re-watches is in Thor: Ragnarok , as the Grandmaster, a role which seems as though he was born to play it, one where sarcasm and deadpan delivery is key to pulling off the character.  As the character plays a major part in that world and uses his collective resources to make himself somewhat of a ruler. In the third issue of The Accelerators, we meet a character similar to the Grandmaster, but one that seems more insidious.

We catch up with Spatz, as he was just about to be shot by the Captain but is miraculously transported out of the arena and to a safe space, to fight again. This is where the reader and Spatz, meets Bob, a woman who runs the arena, and has quite an influence on who lives and dies in this world. Both Spatzand the Captain, both try to figure a way out, as their lives remain uncertain. By book’s end, Spatz finds out a secret about himself, one that will shock the reader as much as it shocked Spatz.

Overall, an engaging third issue, in a comic book that already has shifted the paradigm in how to tell a story about time travel. The story by RFI Porto is unconventional, smart and kinetic. The art by Gavin P. Smith is vivid and lush. Altogether, an enjoyable issue that will have readers reeling to see what happens next.

Story: RFI Porto Art: Gavin P. Smith
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy