Review: Tuskegee Heirs #2

As a history buff, it is always interesting finding new pieces of history, that I have not found out until that time. I remember when I found out about the Tuskegee Airman, it was when Lawrence Fishburne first made a movie about them on HBO. It was melodramatic, and I am not sure it was an even compelling movie, but it did let the world and me know who these brave men were. I discovered books and books about these men and their accomplishments, some that were not recognized until this century. It was not until I joined the Navy and was stationed near an Air Force base, did I meet one of these heroes, something that I won’t soon forget.

As the world turns, another movie came out a few years back, trying to do them justice, this one had some actors who would eventually become superstars, it was called Redtails. It was being produced by Steven Spielberg and had Anthony Hemingway direct it, the same creator who eventually bring the story of Underground to the television. Though the movie had high ambitions, it suffered from story structure and pacing issues. The spirit of their exploits lives on though, this is what I found when I read the second issue of Tuskegee Heirs.

In the second issue, we find the pilots laying low in Mexico after their latest skirmish has them in some hot water after rumors kids flying jets that transform into robots. Meanwhile Colonel Mars, is back in Atlanta, trying to prevent the military from coming after his pilots. We also get some backstory of exactly who Ayanna is and how central Colonel Mars is to her life as well as Slip’s origin. By issue’s end, the Sentients are on their tail, and they have been recalled to Tuskegee, as the SCABS have their own pilots.

Overall, a fun issue that gives readers background on who these guys are and what makes them tick. The story by Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams is fun, action packed and will have readers wanting more. The art by Marcus Williams is beautiful and vivid. Altogether, a view of a future that will have readers hearts racing.

Story: Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams Art: Marcus Williams
Story:10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation:Buy