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Review: Wires and Nerves Volume 2: Gone Rogue

In every major change, especially when it comes to politics, there is always some dissension in the ranks. Change is never easy, and we have seen with every presidential election, where the opposing party will find fault, with the incoming “leader of the free world”. This is especially true when the party in power’s sole mission is to destabilize their opponent, which is very true in many countries and in ours, where gerrymandering is becoming an increasingly apparent tool to control elections. Rarely do these types of actions lead to violence or upheaval, but they may spill out into other venues such as protests and marches.

I bring this up, because one must always consider what would happen, if a different course in history has taken place. One of my favorite books, Terry Bisson’s Fire On The Mountain, is one where John Brown’s raid on Harper ‘s Ferry was successful and lead to founding of separate sovereign country, “Nova Africa”. Insurgency is what stokes that rebel fire, which leads people of all nations to stand up to injustice. In Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve Volume 2: Gone Rogue is one such tale of promises unkept.

In this book, we meet Iko, the best friend of the newly crowned Queen, Cinder who helped overthrow the previous queen. She is sent to Earth to stop a rogue pack of Wolf Soldiers, ones which is lead by a Alpha, named Lysander Steele, who is hellbent on equaling the odds, as they were promised in exchange for helping Cinder, their mutations would be reversed. Eventually the wolf soldiers start taking hostages, showing to the hierarchy that they are serious. By book’s end, Steele’s rebellion is thwarted and peace reigns over Earth once again.

Overall, an excellent story that shows how lies can ruin lives and how they sometimes lead to death. The story by Meyer is fun, action packed and is riveting throughout. The art by Stephen Gilpin is beautiful. Altogether, a story which will keep the reader guessing too the end who is telling the truth.

Story: Marissa Meyer Art: Stephen Gilpin
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

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