Review: Djinn Volume 1 The Favorite

If you were a child growing up in the 1980s, many people will remember, what was called “Event TV”. These days, event TV, may only follow a few nights, and ones that most people don’t remember, as they follow a weekly format. Growing up, I remembered how important these TV miniseries were, as we did not have DVR growing up, but just about everyone had a VCR, which you could pre-program. Ask anybody growing up then, and they could remember watching miniseries like Shogun.

There was nothing like watching the same thing together in the same room, which seems old fashioned these days. One of those TV miniseries, was Harem, which starred Nancy Travis, as a young English kidnapped into a harem. Rarely, has the world been explored, in fiction, and only recently, it has come out that this is a rather common practice amongst Sheiks in the Arabian Gulf. In Jean Dufaux and Ana Miralles’ brilliant and nostalgia stoking Djinn, the reader gets a supernatural and historical adventure.

We meet Kim, a young lady tracing her family’s history in Istanbul, specifically any record of her grandmother, this is where she meets a mysterious stranger. She reluctantly meets him later that night, which leads them to a brothel, where she soon learns that the key to finding out who her grandmother is, is finding more information about the Black Sultan. We also meet her grandmother, Jade, who was a member of the Black Sultan’s harem, who used her sensuality to wield power. By book’s end Kim, may be in some trouble and Jade, looks to have betrayed the very man who Sultan was reaching a treaty with.

Overall, an entertaining and action-packed story that will keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. The story by Dufaux has intrigue, scandal, geopolitical implications, and a mystery lying in the middle. The art by Miralles is gorgeous and invigorating. Altogether, both a journey back in time and a search for the truth, that will keep the reader second guessing to the last page.

Story: Jean Dufaux Art: Ana Miralles
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.9 Recommendation: Buy

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