Review: Buck Danny Vol. 5 Thunder Over the Cordillera

I remember growing up, I loved history, so basically consumed everything history related. Especially American History, as every day, historians are finding out new facts every day, as I pretty consumed with everything American Revolution related and Civil War related. Eventually I would branch out to other countries histories, and to what I have come to call, self-knowledge. Knowing where your family is from and your family’s roots to those places, became part of identity, much like every child.

Where my mother is from, the Philippines, there has always been a history of civil unrest, as every Filipino, even those of us born in the States, carry what the Bible calls “a brand plucked from fire”. As every Filipino family I know claims some lineage to Lapu Lapu, the man who killed Magellan. This firebrand can be seen all over the world, from those oppressed, as this is the very reasons there are coups and civil wars. This is what happens in the latest volume of Buck Danny, where our heroes are caught in a difficult situation.

We find our heroes racing to find help while Nicaraguan military is on the hunt for them shortly after their escape. Meanwhile, Colonel Diaz preps whomever still is loyal to him, for a civil war, one that will change the country forever. Eventually, Lady X, gets involved, and unleashes her mercenaries to quell any strife. By book’s end, the drug ring becomes pull to pieces and Buck saves Cindy.

Overall, the most exciting installment  of the series, as we see firsthand how Buck and his squadron embody the best in all of us. The story by Francis Bergese proves he knows how to tell high flying action. The art by Bergese evokes old school sequential art with new school sensibilities. By book’s end, you will be cheering for Buck Danny and looking for the next volume.

Story: Francis Bergese Art: Francis Bergese
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy