Review: The Accelerators #1

Time travel is one of those topics within the genre that usually gets people fascinated. The idea that you can go back in time and change things that may go better in your fortune, is wish fulfillment t its best. The whole Back To The Future franchise is immortalized in the minds of move fans for this exact reason. Who would not want to be Marty McFly and change your father past, which betters your present lifestyle.

Of course, the ills of time travel, have also been stressed in those movies but also in others like Timeline and the Butterfly Effect movies. Rarely, has this genre ever moved into something resembling horror, as the evils that men would with such abilities, have rarely been explored. The closest movie fans have gotten to such concepts, is the Groundhog Day like movie, Happy Death day, where the protagonist relives the day she died multiple gruesome times. In RFI Porto and Gavin P. Smith’s engaging The Accelerators, it puts a terrifying and different twist on the time travel genre.

The book opens up a coliseum, filled with gladiators, but no the typical ones you see in period films, instead we have Barbarians fighting soldiers, Mayan warriors fighting scientists, like a gory Celebrity Death Match, that unfolds. We then meet a scientist named Alexa, who is running from the military and can move forward in time, through a technology resembling the rings in Tron. Eventually, this chase pulls in someone who has no idea what is going on, where we meet the character of Bertram, who serves as the reader, as we find out as he does exactly what is going on. By issue’s end, one of the characters may have met their fate which can also mean a very unstable future.

Overall, a unique and scary version of how time travel can affect lives in the worst ways. The story by RFI Porto is exhilarating and puts a new spin on the genre. The art by Gavin P. Smith is gorgeous. Overall, a great book which put the genre on its head and leads it in a great new direction.

Story: RFI Porto Art: Gavin P. Smith
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation:Buy