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Advance Review: White Ash Chapter Two

In our current political climate, it is hard to believe anyone could keep secrets. Can you keep a secret, when you can find fame and fortune, by revealing a secret of someone else’s? Can you keep a secret if it is a matter of life and death? These are the questions one must consider when one undertakes the holding of a secrets or secrets, as your ability to, can speak to your very integrity.

This becomes even more integral your life, if you whole world is encapsulated by secrets. This is the world of the military, the government and just about every organization in the world, and where terms like need to know and burn boxes are commonplace. This is also what small towns are built on, as lives are tethered to these truths that no outsider would or should ever know. In the second chapter of White Ash, the reader discovers even more of this town seething with deceptions, races and war.

We catch up with Aleck, as he struggles with newly found identity of being a Dwarf, and what it means as far as his place in the town. His father, on his death bed, leaves him a tape, unlocking years of secrets, changing his world forever, as he as to deal with the fact that there are dwarves and elves. This is when Lillian, who is way more adept at what is going on, fills him in on the history between the two races and their customs .  By book’s end, the two are closer, but a hot-headed reaction leaves the fate of one uncertain.

Overall, an outstanding installment that does not disappoint, grips you from page to page. The story by Charlie Stickney is evenly paced, fascinating and leaves you wanting more. The art is breath taking, vivid and unique. Altogether, one of the best indie books of last year got even better with this chapter.

Story: Charlie Stickney Art: Conor Hughes and Fin Cramb
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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