Exit Stage Left: Talking Snagglepuss’ New Comic Series with Writer Mark Russell. LIVE this Monday.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! The classic Hanna-Barbera character Snagglepuss as a closeted gay Southern playwright being investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee!? That’s the concept of the new comic series, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles written by Mark Russell with art by Mike Feehan and being published by DC Comics.

The first issue felt revolutionary gaining buzz and praise from critics and readers alike with the second issue coming to shelves February 7th.

Writer Mark Russell joins Graphic Policy Radio to talk about the new comic series that has everyone talking.

Listen to the show LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

Mark Russell (THE FLINTSTONES, EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES) is an Eisner-nominated satirist who isn’t afraid to go to very serious places. His stories take on Trumpism, bullying, war, genocide, historical amnesia and more. His work was featured on ForbesSlate Magazine and Paste Magazine’s best graphic novel lists in 2017. @Manruss

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