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Review: Legend of Mantamaji: Book Three

Who doesn’t love a good trilogy?  The anchor that ends a series is what fans most look out for. There are tons of books which end in trilogies. There is something endearing when a story ends in three parts versus a series of books which elevate the protagonist undergoes a transformation. Stephen King’s The Stand, could have been easily broken into three parts, but King decide to gift fans in one massive tome.

I, like most fans, remember movies as the most memorable, when one talks about trilogies. The most famous being Star Wars, where Luke Skywalker both accepts his fate and becomes someone different by the end. The most indelible part of the Return of the Jedi, is when our heroes, knowing that may not make it out alive, still fight because they know that it is right. This is what brings me the finale of the Legend of Mantamaji.

We catch up with Elijah, shortly after he is betrayed and left for dead by Sibach. Chonpin, one of the Sanctuants rescues and nurses Elijah back to health. This is when Elijah, finally finds out he truth about why Manatamji fell to Horsemen and Brother Hope. By book’s end, Elijah and Brother Hope, clash in a final showdown, that leaves one of them dead.

Overall, an excellent ending to a powerful series that will make you wonder why this has never been brought to the big screen. The story by Eric Dean Stanton is exciting, powerful, and satisfying. The art by Brandon Palas is gorgeous. Altogether, a firecracker ending that will please fans of this series.

Story: Eric Dean Stanton Art: Brandon Palas
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy