Review: Cook Korean

Food is the one thing that connect people from all over the world. There are a ton of books, that either describe a recipe or how food has impacted a culture. There are blogs dedicated to where one can find the best taco or the best Pho, as the pursuit of exceptionalism is usually the goal of these bloggers. Instagram, is probably, the best example of how the internet, as you can usually get on there, and will find more than few pictures on anyone’s account, dedicated to food.

Food, also at its most basic level, is sustenance, not only for our nutrition but for our soul. When I think of all the times, have ever traveled to another country, the one thing that people can understand is food, as the smile followed by the nod, means delicious and is universal and transcends language barriers. Food is also history, family history at its core and what is passed down to us and what we pass on to future generations. This family history is exactly what is conjured up in Robin Ha’s entertaining Cook Korean!

In the first few panels, the reader finds out how she went from consumer to producer and to be a food anthropologist. She guides the reader, with a narrator, we know as Dengki, as she gives the reader, the basics of Korean food. The fun part is the recipes, as Ha describes meticulously the ingredients and the steps and beings each chapter with a personal story connected to the food within the chapter. By book’s end, the reader will be both entertained and hungry.

Overall, a great book, that will give the reader an education about Korean food and in, general, Korean culture. The stories by Ha are funny and relatable. The art by Ha is beautiful. Altogether, an excellent book, that defies description, part graphic novel and part cookbook, making something special all its own.

Story: Robin Ha Art: Robin Ha
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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