Review: Buck Danny Vol. 4 No-Fly Zone

Tom Cruise is one of those actors, where his movies always make san impression on you. Who could not forget his memorable turn in Tropic Thunder, playing a character, who looks nothing like him.  Then there is his turn as an uppity Public relations officer he played in Edge of Tomorrow, which some may say is the natural progression of the character he played in Top Gun. There is also the rebooted version of Ethan Hunt, in Mission impossible movies, something is really either hit or miss.

Of course, everything he does, is not exactly a hit, and it depends on how you perceived the movie, like Vanilla Sky, which I personally can’t get through every time I have tried. There is his most recent star turn in American Made, about a real-life pilot hired by the CIA to fly drugs. It was probably one of his better movies in years and since it was based on a true story, it makes you wonder how often did something like this happen. This is exactly what is pondered in Buck Danny: No-Fly Zone, as Buck ventures into Nicaragua.

In this adventure, Buck, Sonny and Tumb are reassigned to Nicaragua, to train the country’s Air Force pilots in flying their newly acquired F/A-18s. As with most of these books, the Colonel, has an undercover operation going on at the same time, as the government believes that the country is the source of illegal drugs. As training gets underway, they soon find out they are near a no-fly zone, which proves to confirm their suspicions. By book’s end, there is a bigger plot afoot and the Nicaraguan military finds themselves at odds.

Overall, an interesting beginning to an interesting arc, that proves Francis Bergese is at home with conspiracy thrillers. The story by Bergese is fun and suspense driven. The art by Bergese is gorgeous. Altogether, a bold take on the some well-traveled road that Narcos recently ventured into.

Story: Francis Bergese Art: Francis Bergese
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.7 Recommendation: Buy