Review: Legend of the Mantamaji Book Two

No matter where you are in the world, each place has its own mythology. Each culture has stories that makes up the base of its own beliefs, that makes where they are from, almost supernatural. In Japan, much of their mythology is tied to centuries of Shogun rule, the Shinto religion and immortalization of the Samurai. In North Africa, the Berbers, were known for their belief in Maraboutism, where they prayed to their dead ancestors, who they believed they drew strength from.

In Scandinavia, the Sami shamanists believed in in Animals spirits, the most prominent being the Bear Australia, the Aborigines, believed in Dream Time, a mythic topography of the continent. Comics have delved in their own mythology, but very few, feel visceral. In Book Two of The Legend of the Mantamaji the reader gets a mythology that feels very prescient with a new set of characters that gives our heroes someone to contend with.

We catch up with Elijah, as he confronts Commander Cotton, leader of Hope’s Temple, who he believes is Sibach, the ancient evil, that Elijah had been called for. As Elijah looks for clues, Cotton, calls on the Four Horsemen, four superpowered beings, that can bring hell on earth. They end up wreaking havoc across New York and Elijah finds some unexpected help from the Sanctuants, an ancient female order, who are looked at as equals to the Mantamaji. By book’s end, a betrayal leaves our hero winning the battle but ultimately defeated.

Overall, an excellent book that improves on the arc of the first book, as this makes the consequences substantial. The story by Eric Dean Stanton action packed and complex. The art by Brandon Palas is beautiful and vivid. Altogether, this sequel is the punch in the mouth the reader was not expecting.

Story: Eric Dean Stanton Art: Brandon Palas
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy