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Review: Satania

As a fan of movies, I tend to get wrapped up in movies where the central character undergoes a change. The genre that this usually occurs in, are coming of age movies, as we see the main character become who they are through life’s usual struggles. Then there is the action-adventure genre, where the main character, must step out of their shell, to do something greater than themselves. As these are the two most prominent genres, where it occurs, most don’t usually think the horror genre.

Come to think about it, growing up, the few horror movies I watched, like the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, the ones who survived to the end, those characters became stronger, because they lived despite Freddie Krueger. Another prominent more recent feature, is The Descent, a 2005 movie, about a group of women, who while on vacation, go on a trip exploring caves, where they meet blood thirsty creatures. The terror the film brought on the viewer, was more psychological, which in my opinion, is scarier, simply because it can happen to anyone. In Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoet’s Satania, all the protagonists undergo both a psychological and physical change.

In the opening pages, we meet Charlie, who is looking for her brother who has been lost for months searching for proof that Hell exists. As her search party follows her brother’s footsteps, each member gets affected, in different ways. Eventually, they find out Hell is worse than what they ever imagined, and not everyone survives. By book’s end, there is only one person standing, and she is forever changed.

Overall, a book that reminds of the recent movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game, as the austerity of the female protagonist in both, is what drives the story. The story by Fabien Vehlmann is visceral and sophisticated. The art Kerascoet by is vivid and layered. Overall, this book will subvert your perceptions from cover to cover.

Story: Fabien Vehlmann Art: Kerascoet
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy