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Review: Riftworld Legends #1-#4

In the Age of Discovery, explorers searching for India stumble on the mythical lost continent of Hy-Breasal. When two seamen are marooned on its hostile and uncharted shores, their struggle for survival triggers an epic, sprawling adventure. This is the secret history of Earth’s collision with a fantastical realm of monsters and magic at the dawn of the Renaissance. It is the story of the ordinary men and women who cross between worlds, destined to become heroes.

Riftworld Legends is an unexpected adventure or misadventure of forbidden history. The series reveals what the current ruling religious doesn’t want the public to know. The point of view the story is told from changes as past and present switch on and off. The series manages to balance both without becoming overwhelming as they lead to each other and plotlines converge.

The art is colorful and brings in a proper sense of danger and fantasy to the story. There’s the standard fantasy of giant monsters, Orc-like creatures, undead skeletons, and lush tropical jungles.  The series also features some well done if brief fight scenes as the two main characters in the story try to survive.

Story: Jonathan Williams Art: Daniel Wong
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

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