Review: Buck Danny Vol. 3 Ghost Squadron

“Dereliction of duty” is one of those things when I was in the military, I never heard anyone getting in trouble for. People would get in trouble, but not for the things they would in the movies or television. In fact, movies like Top Gun although entertaining are not very realistic. I remember joining the Navy, 20 years after that movie, and I would work with officers who said they went to flight school because of that movie.

This is where the movies and reality split hard, if any pilot pull any of the crap Maverick, did, they would lose their flight status or even their commission. It is romantic to think that if you disobeyed orders to follow your gut, you would be celebrated for your decision. The truth is harsher. You would most certainly get an Article 13. So, when I see these things play out in books, television, and movies, we never see the actual fallout. In Buck Danny: Ghost Squadron, one of Danny’s pilots does this very thing, and it plays out a little different than we are used to seeing.

We catch up with Danny’s squadron, where they are operating in Eastern Europe, in this installment, Tuck gets in trouble for taking out a Serbian missile battery. Instead of a court martial, he gets assigned to a squadron which flies secret missions which is coincidentally also headed by Buck, and they both must learn how to fly a F-16.  As the squadron gets closer to their mission, a renegade pilot known as Lady X, starts picking apart their squadron one by one. By books’ end, the blackmail of one of their pilots leads to Buck Danny and his squadron tot the source of how Lady X decimated his squadron.

Overall, an okay installment, as the art usually takes the backseat to the story in this series, in this case, it s the opposite. The story by Francis Bergese is rigid, predictable but still enjoyable. The art by Bergese is gorgeous. Altogether, if you liked the series up to this point, buy it if you are a completest but if a good story motivates your buying, I suggest you read the other books in this series.

Story: Francis Bergese Art: Francis Bergese
Story: 5.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Read