Undocumented Immigrants and Hollywood with Black Panther’s Bambadjan Bamba. Listen LIVE Monday.

Bambadjan Bamba is an actor and filmmaker who immigrated from the Ivory Coast with his family fleeing political persecution in 1992. Bambadjan made it through drama school and is now a series regular on NBC’s The Good Place and will be seen in what is sure be a blockbuster, Black Panther, the next Marvel film.

Bamba qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) but his immigration status is now in danger due to the Trump administration’s announced repeal of the program. Bambadjan refuses to stay silent about the realities faced by undocumented immigrants and is now working with the nonprofit group Define American to share his story about America’s outdated and dysfunctional immigration system.

This Monday Graphic Policy Radio will be joined by Bambadjan Bamba who will talk about his journey and his current fight against an unjust system and why Black Panther matters to him. Listen in Monday and show your support.

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