Review: I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You

vIn your life, you get to meet many people from many walks of life. Ever, so often, you may find people you may even like. Even rarer than both of those situations, is that you find someone you connect to. I know most people usually get love and connection tangled with each other, but they really are different.

The people you fall in love with, regardless of your sexual orientation, usually you lust is somewhere in the mix. When it comes to connection, it becomes a little harder to discern, especially if you are attracted to them. This is where I believe most human beings miss some of their strongest connections, not trusting their instincts in most cases. Yumi Sakugawa’s I Think I am In Friend-Love With You talks abut those connections where lust is nowhere to be found.

In the opening pages, Sakugawa explains exhaustively that, this love is purely platonic, and is only to be measured in how awesome she thinks of her friend. She gets into the coordination of texting and Facebook messaging your friend, just hang out, and in nonsexual way. She also dives into the connections, of liking the same things, thinking some of the same thing as funny and swapping favorite books. By book’s end, she makes a strong case for finding someone who is your “BFF”.

Overall, a funny, awkward, and sometimes way too relatable book, that’s talks about those world class bonds that connect true friends. The story by Sakugawa is hilarious and intimate. The art by Sakugawa complements the story well. Altogether, a book that everyone who has a true friend, through thick and thin, will be able to relate to.

Story: Yumi Sakugawa Art: Yumi Sakugawa
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.9 Recommendation: Buy