Review: A Buck Danny Adventure Vol. 2 The Secrets of the Black Sea

The Americans on FX, is one of those shows that both interesting and nostalgic. The storyline revolves around two planted USSR agents in 1980s Virginia, much like the brilliantly under watched Little Nikita. It romanticizes an era in our country and really in our world, that many movies and tv shows tend to parody, but really it was kind of magical. Growing up in that era, I think back on how much of how the times was just leaving the style and rational of the 1970s and the much more liberal philosophy of the 1980s.

What transcended that time, was the “Cold War,” it became more lukewarm, towards the end of 1980s, but I remember hearing on the news at the time, the name Gorbachev, a lot. The FX show, brought those times back for me, as I remember some the true events that was on the news happening. The one part of the Cold War, that the show might tackle in its last season, and rarely gets explored, is the end, where terms like “glasnost” and “perestroika” was no more. In this second volume, of Buck Danny, The Secrets of the Black Sea, our protagonist deals with this very dilemma, as he sent to observe.

We catch with up Buck, shortly after getting called to the Pentagon, as an Admiral ropes him into bureaucratic business, to observe, the Russian military, as both, still believe the Russians still have one last hand to play, before it is all over. He meets Captain Alexanko, who is to fly him to meet a Russian Admiral, when their fighter gets caught in a dogfight, and they must walk find their way safely. They eventually are rescued but an international incident happens between the two sides one that may irreversible. By book’s end, Buck may have just stopped some mutineers, as change can be hard, especially in  time of transition.

Overall, an excellent installment, which proves that comic books are true form of literature, that should never be underestimated. The story by Jacques De Douhet is intriguing and action packed. The art by Francis Bergese is awe inspiring and beautiful. Altogether, an action packed international thriller, that proves that one wrong move can make the difference of what starts a war.

Story: Jacques De Douhet Art: Francis Bergese
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy