Review: Æther and Empire #6

My maternal grandfather was huge movie fan. He watched all the requisite action movies from PI, but also loved his movies from elsewhere. He loved Charles Bronson movies, and watched every single Death Wish movie. He also loved every single movie Michael Caine, was in. One of his favorites being Get Carter, as it was the quintessential high octane tough guy film.

The other one of Michael Caine’s movies that got his eye, was the war movie, Zulu. The movie was about a skirmish between British soldiers and Zulu warriors at Rorke’s Drift.  Now, looking back at that film, it was as problematic as Black Hawk Down, but as far as entertainment value goes, it was pretty good. When I read the sixth issue of Aether and Empire#6, it reflected many key scenes from that film, which still influences war scenes in many movies.

We catch up with the crew of the Jules Verne, as they go to battle stations as they must defend against the Martian fleet headed their way. The crew on the ground try to get back to the Martian headquarters, which the Lillian soon finds that her old friend turned Martian hybrid, Douglas, is the leader of the Martians. Lillian makes fate changing decision, which may leave the crew on the ground for the dead. By Issue’s end, the crew escapes safely, but as they all find out the truth may not be what you want it to be.

Overall, an excellent ending to this first volume of this epic series. The story by Mike Horan is pulse pounding, cerebral and intense. The art by Bong Ty Dazo and Tim Yates is gorgeous. Altogether, an excellent swashbuckling space opera that which stands as a prime example of how to do steampunk high adventure.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo and Tim Yates
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy