Review: Æther & Empire #5

I just finished re-reading Dune, as part of ComicBookGirl19’s Dune Club, which reminded me just how epic a writer Frank Herbert was. Not too many writers, that I grew up reading, whom made details sound so enticing. His research showed not only in Middle Eastern culture but also in science fiction.  That whole world he created in those books, was so immersive and palatable, that you would believe sand worms existed in a planet called Arikis.

The worldbuilding and the character development in these books are what all writers should aspire to.  In these desolate worlds, many writers have written similar settings, showing Herbert’s influence in setting and storylines. Most of them fail, and even fewer do the research necessary for successful world building. This brings me to the fifth issue Of Aether and Empire, where the crew of the Jules Verne looks for the enclave on Mars.

We catch up with the crew as they land on Mars, looking for the enclave, where they run into something resembling large sand insects. Eventually they run into Professor Teague, who has monstrously developed into a alien human hybrid. The crew quickly finds out the Martians have been harvesting humans as slaves for labor. By book’s end, the crew that was left on the ship, soon realize they must go to battle stations.

Overall, the story gets better and better with every issue, as this issue makes it more than your typical science fiction fare. The story by Mike Horan is exhilarating and fascinating. The art by Bong Ty Dazo and Tim Yates is gorgeous. Altogether, a haunting space opera that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Story: Mike Horan Art: Bong Ty Dazo and Tim Yates
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy