Review: Diskordia #8

Desires are something that humans have from birth, it is most primal element of our personalities. We crave, we obsess, we use these motivations to push us, in our wants and needs. We also curb these desires, before they become carnal, before lust sets in. This is what separates people like Harvey Weinstein, from the rest of us, the possession of human decency and respect for your fellow human being.

That is why the stories of his sexual harassment pervaded our sensibilities, because we know of someone who has gone through similar incidents. Fiction, in all its forms have shown, how this affects its victims, leaving the scarred for years. The most vicious example is Alias, Jessica Jones post traumatic disorder from the mind control and rape that Killgrave inflicted on the character. In the eighth issue of Diskordia, the reader gets little more background into what made Jackal the way he is now.

We find out Jackal, has had his trust broken by the mother figures in his life, in one of the most perverse of ways, through sex. First, by the hands of his music teacher, who showers him with attention. The second, by his best friend, a girl he thought he could trust. By the end of this issue, we find a more peaceful Jackal, one who knows who he is and who can determine his own destiny.

Overall, an introspective installment which gives the reader more information into the character of Jackal. The story by Rivenis feels personal and beautiful. The art is exquisite. Altogether, an excellent ending to a very interesting story arc.

Story: Rivenis Art: Rivenis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy